Here you can see the Awards I have won, with the latest award first.

Event: Premiere of Feature Film ”Han Hette Harald” – May 2022
Award: Diploma for Lead acting contribution
Information: The Feature Film ”Han Hette Harald” was shot in Växjö, Sweden, and I had a lead role (one out of four lead roles) where I played the bad guy ”Fahid”.

Event: The Swedish Shortfilmfestival 2016 (
Nomination: Best Lead Actor in a shortfilm
Result: Won, for my role as ”Saed” in the shortfilm Saed.
Information: The shortfilm Saed also won an award for ”Best Script” (written by Ghatih Derhally) and also the Silver Medal for Best Film (credit goes to Ghaith, Arash, Zagros and Akil).